Vietnam is a country abundant in natural resources and minerals which are favorable conditions for strongly growing economic development of the country. Vietnam Oil & Gas sector has played a very important role and contribution to a steady integration way of Vietnam to the world. It is a long leap and effort of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group as a pioneer.

PV Engineering was built and grown up in association with the general ongoing development of overall Oil and Gas sector.

In 1988, PV Engineering‘s predecessor – was established, and began operation. With gradual, consistent development, PVE we have developed subsidiaries and specialized centers suitable to the sustainable operation of the company for the foreseeable future.

The company’s equity in 2005, from which PV Engineering became a J.S.C, PV Engineering participated Oil and gas exploration and development projects, gas processing and transportation; and also provided services for projects in petroleum storage, LPG/ CNG stations and other key projects in power plants, industrial. 

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2011 was an important year in PV Engineering’s history, in which PV Engineering became PV Engineering Corporation. With much experience and many achievements over the years, PV Engineering will be your constant and closest companion in the projects of oil and gas industry and other related projects.

With much experiences and achievements over the years, PV Engineering will be your constant and closest companion in the projects of oil and gas industry and other relating projects.

In the honor of being your oil and gas consultancy and engineering bringing big profit and value to customers and partners, we would like to share the view: consulting the value, optimum engineering, exploration resources, waste limit and friendly environment.



- Engineering Consultancy

- EPC/ Construction/ Installation

- Project Management Consultancy

- Survey & Inspection

PV Engineering has successfully completed many major projects with Petro Vietnam and other international partners. We continue to develop more consultancy services in such areas as:

. Offshore; Gas Pipeline; Gas Processing Plant; Petrochemical Plant (such as polypropylene, fertilizer plants); Gas power, coal power; wind power and hydropower plants; Bio-Ethanol plants; and in industrial and civil projects

We provide expert services in: FS; FEED, detailed engineering; General cost estimation; Procurement support; Survey and inspection; Project management consultancy


PV Engineering will become one of the leading companies in Vietnam and in the region. We believe that our engineering and consultancy services will bring great value to our customers

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