With great contribution to the formation of onshore and offshore firms, projects which are providing necessary products for living demands as gas, petrol, biological energy, etc. PVE is happy and honored to bring back these meaningful values to our life.

Our PVE’s staffs are always ambitious and determined with high expectation to conquer every challenge and rise up to the highest peak. Our motto “Intelligence, Professionalism, Efficiency” has been proved in the harsh reality with PVE’s outstanding performance.

Comprehensively understanding the limitation of natural resources, PVE – as the leading consultant in the energy sector – is committed to minimize material wastes, negative impacts or dangerous risks to the living environment. PVE also has been researching and developing with care in computation and planning to ensure labor safety and efficiency in operations of our projects.

Heading toward a better living environment, you are warmly welcome to be our companion in the journey to establish and preserve the best values for the future and the next generations.

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