On 11 August 2016, for the first time in 18 years, PVE has an academic contest intensive about corporate culture, human named : JOURNEY OF CULTURE . Five teams with names imbued own identity: XPOWER, THE ORANGE, DRAGON FIRE, 18 PLUS, MR & MRS PVE come from all departments and units directly under the Corporation. After undergoing 4 rounds including: Talent, Questions and Answer, Eloquence, Fashion, all teams have devoted to the audience the best performances with bold and novelty ideas, and got appreciation from the jury members included Mr. Pham Thanh Minh - Deputy General Director of the Company, Mr. Dang Thanh Long, Head of Culture, Head of Human Resources Organization, Mr. Dinh Tung Hoanh - Member Committee of Culture, Youth Secretary General Corporation.


Mr. Le Huu Bon - Chairman and Mr. Do Van Thanh - General Director of Corporation giving flowers to represent of 5 teams


Especially in the first round , the ‘18 Plus’ team has excellent won the highest scores from jury members about creativities in the introduce clip with the topical contents about current oil prices. Besides, 'The Orange' team is no less competitive with the excellent dance performances on the 'That Bat Ngo' music background, which has been composed the lyrics to be suitable for the contest themes. Keeping the initiative, ‘The Orange’ team has won the highest scores in the Questions and Answer round , the rest teams also showed the deep understanding of the history, culture and core values ​​of the General Company are presented in each question. In round 3, with the eloquence of his foreign language about the professionalism, Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung from ‘Mr & Mrs PVE’ team totally convinced the jury by the advanced ideology about the professionalism is expressed through 4 key elements drawn from reality in PVE, with his presentation, ‘Mr & Mrs PVE’ team won the top scores from the jury and the audience's response.


The Talent contest by ‘The Orange’ team


The Fashion round is generally rated as the most anticipated round of the contest, by tradition always creativity and innovation, the performance of all teams are always the surprise factors to the jury members and audiences. From the creative fashion performances of the '18 Plus' team with the homemade construction fashion, the sizzling performances with summer beach style of  ‘Mr & Mrs PVE’ team, to the matured journey of a success man of ‘ The Orange’ team. One standout team in particular is 'XPOWER' team with the recycled fashion,they only use the simply materials for their performance such as: plastic, packaging, raincoats ... they had an outstanding prom performances fashion, convinced all viewers and earned the highest score.

VONG 2.jpg

These teams represent the same depth understanding of the culture, through the history of the company answered questions within 2 content: Do not let the points fall



The recycled costumes performances of theXPOWER’ team

VONG 4 18+.JPG

Part of the team's Fashion performance, 18 Plus’ team


And the victory of the team narrowly of “The Orange’ team

End of the competition, the rivalry closely of all teams, in particular jury and all the viewers in general are anxiously awaiting the results. Through 4 rounds, five teams are given the advantages of their own team in each round, the gap between the teams is not too far. The final result, the ‘Orange team’ has won the first prize convincingly and the second prize belonged to the ‘18 Plus’ team.

VONG 4 18+ (2).JPG






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