On 06 July 2016,at Building 2nd Floor PV Gas has jointly organized Blood Donation Day 2016 by Youth and Youth Engineering PV PV Gas.

Festival Blood Donation 2016 is noble gesture demonstrating the spirit of solidarity, sharing and community officials, youth union members and employees throughout Corporation Design Consultant Oil & Gas Reporter Engineering, Vietnam Gas Corporation, and the units of the same building (building Management Board, PV Pipeline, Pvcombank).

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Social Humanitarian Blood Donation Day 2016 was held on May 18, the traditional anniversary of the founding of the Corporation Oil & Gas Consulting Design Engineering PV has earned more than 180 units of blood in total more than 200 people registered to donate blood. The main contribution to the enthusiasm of all the volunteers have received remarkable results, contributing to the Blood Transfusion Center of Cho Ray Hospital Hematology share and help the unfortunate people.

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During the Blood Donation Day, the volunteers were the doctors of Hematology and Blood Transfusion Center of Cho Ray hospital blood tests and free health care while you are health counseling as well as change the habit accustomed to living more healthy.

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Ms. Le Thi Nga - Secretary of Youth Office of the Company, said: "Blood Donation Day is a meaningful activity that Youth PV Engineering was jointly organized by the Youth Standing Committee Reporter gas on the occasion of the traditional month its 18th anniversary of the PV Engineering. This not only meant to be one of the activities to celebrate but also operations represents youth, enthusiasm and solidarity spirit of the younger generation in general oil and gas industry, in particular PVE.

On behalf of the organizers, we sincerely thank you for the youth union members, staff, employees have enthusiastically participated in the program even though there are many omissions in the organizational stages. We hope that, with the success of this program will be a model to be more than the blood donation program other contributions to society.

Communications Department.

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