PVE Oil & Gas Survey Consultancy Joint Stock Company (PVE-SC) is a subsidiary of  Petrovietnam Engineering Consultancy Corporation (PV Engineering)  specialized in topographic survey, geotechnical investigation, hydrometeorological data collection and quality inspection for petroleum projects of Petrovietnam as well as for civil projects.

Through 17 years of establishment and development of former Oil & Gas Survey and Design Enterprise – a subsidiary of Petrovietnam Engineering and Construction Company (PVECC), PVE-SC is proud of performing topographical survey, geotechnical investigation, hydrometeorological data collection to provide data for engineering of important petroleum projects in Vietnam. Associated with development of mother company - Petrovietnam Engineering Consultancy Corporation, PVE-SC formally operate under joint stock company from 6/2011.

PVE-SC organization structure consists of Board of Management; Board of Internal Controllers; Board of Directors; and departments/teams. With the young, dynamic, enthusiastic engineers and technicians of all kinds PVE-SC have successfully participated in topographic and geotechnical surveys, NDT and inspection of many oil and gas onshore and offshore pipeline projects, gas processing plants (GPP), gas distribution centers (GDC), LPG Storages, CNG terminals, condensate processing plants, thermal power plants and tank terminals etc.

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